Dr. Ayub K. Ommaya

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(April 14, 1930, Mian Channu - July 11, 2008, Islamabad) Studied at King Edward Medical College, Lahore was a world renowned Pakistani neurosurgeon and the inventor of the Ommaya reservoir (The reservoir is used to provide chemotherapy directly to the tumor site for brain tumors) Dr. Ommaya published over 150 articles, chapters, and books. His research focused on cancer treatment, traumatic brain injury, a CSF artificial organ, and philosophy of mind. Dr. Ommaya also did early work with the Computed Tomography Scanner. From 1960 to 1980, he joined the staff of the National Institute of Health USA and became Chief of Neurosurgery. Dr. Ommaya was also a leading expert in traumatic brain injuries. Source: Mirza Hafeez Aoj (Mera Khanewal)

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