Windows 10 release date final, free download for old users

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Are you one of those who have been waiting for the new Windows OS? Few hours ago one PC manufacturer made headlines by revealing Windows 10 release date and new Windows will be out in the late July this year. Microsoft has also announced a free download for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for 12 months. Windows 10 release date AMD, which is also Microsoft software partner revealed to analysts and investors on a conference call that this new OS for which Microsoft and PC manufacturers are waiting will arrive at the end of July. We might see a bit of a delay for the launch of Windows 10, said Lisa Su the CEO of AMD. The users are surprised at this delay as Microsoft already gave a summer release date for the OS and Lisa Su didn’t make it clear whether the date was for PC manufacturers or the general public. So, now Windows 10 release date has confirmed and Microsoft has also announced free download for users who have purchased Windows 8 and 7, this free download will be only for one year. Microsoft has been releasing and launching Windows 10 based app and gadgets ever since it has announced Windows 10, like few days ago Surface 3 was launched and a preview of map apps for smartphones was also revealed by Microsoft. Few other changes have been made in Windows 10 such as Spartan browser has replaced internet explorer and Cortana voice assistant has announced for Windows 10 based smartphones.

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