Snapdragon processors to be built by Samsung

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Amazing news for smartphone fans: Snapdragon processors will be manufactured at Samsung’s chip-making plant. The Korean company is making its mark to the top in mobile chip making, as Apple has also decided that its A9 processors will be manufactured by Samsung. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are featured in almost every Lumia device and there can be good results on Nokia devices as existing processors by Qualcomm are bit glitchy and slow. Snapdragon processors Why Samsung… any reason? Samsung plants can manufacture processors with thinner 14nm chips making it smaller, cheaper and less power consuming while Qualcomm Snapdragon processors use 20nm wiring. Everyone knows that Apple and Samsung are rivals, and now Apple has signed a contract to produce A9 processors at Samsung plants, the processors which will power the next generation of iPhone and iPad. Right now, Samsung is the only company that can manufacture processors of 14nm wiring and it seems very strange that Samsung is willing to collaborate with rival companies like Qualcomm and Apple. Knowing that it is the only company that can produce these kinds of processors, it can be very beneficial and profitable business for Samsung, creating a monopoly as sole making company of 14nm chips.

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