A new wearable NailO can control your mobile device with gestures

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You might have heard of the several wearable devices like smart watches, smart glasses, headbands or smart rings that can control the mobile devices easily but recently another addition has been made in the arsenal of wearable and that is, NailO. NailO is an input device which apparently looks like a nail art sticker, but it has the ability to connect with your smartphones, laptops and tablets meanwhile allowing to perform several functions by means of different gestures. NailO The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab has introduced this new way to interact with the digital world. NailO holds sensors, a circuit and battery to forward actions to connected devices and even other devices such as a light fixture or smart TV can be controlled with the help of this little gadget. NailO accepts various gestures such as tapping, swiping left, right or up, down and also supports multi-finger gestures. NailO is small, discreet, and a removable device which completes interactions without getting attention of the people when you are busy or in a meeting and want to reply to an urgent text message. The team behind NailO believes that wearing NailO is like having a third hand, since you can perform additional tasks with the help of it like scrolling the screen and sending text messages etc. But there is no confirmed news regarding its availability for the consumers yet.

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