TB Hospital Khanewal [Past & Present]

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The current building of TB hospital was constructed in 1962 and was inaugurated by Mr. Malik Qadir Bukhsh (Minister West Pakistan). TB (Tuberculosis) is the oldest of Hib disease in human history which remained major public health problem for humans for centuries. In 1958 few philanthropists laid the foundation TB Association, to protect the public from this disease and to provide TB treatment facilities, the main role behind this was of a local land lord Mr. Maqbool Ahmad Khan. Mr. Amjad Ali Kharral is serving since last 30 years in this hospital as (Health Education Officer), he shared that when Mr. Maqbool Ahmad Khan started its movement regarding construction of TB Hospital then many other local philanthropists added there share in it and in 7th December 1961 a two room TB Clinic was started in civil hospital Khanewal building. Later on land was obtained as 50 years leased from district government for the said purpose and in 1962 TB Association of Khanewal constructed the current building of TB hospital and was inaugurated by Mr. Malik Qadir Bukhsh (Minister West Pakistan). In order to ensure the financial sustainability of the hospital, 31 shops were constructed on the main road. He shared that more than 450 patients are being treated every month under TB Dots program. Latest laboratory is functional inside the hospital to conduct the basic tests of the patients. Mr. Amjad Ali Kharral further elaborated that monthly expenses of the hospital are about 50-70 thousand rupees, medicine for the patients are being provided by the government under TB Dots program while salaries of the 7 staff members and other operational expenses are being managed by the hospital by getting rent of the shops constructed for the said purpose. Dr. Zahid Imran is working as Medical Officer in the hospital, duration of lease agreement is expired since last eight years, as the lease agreement is expired and yet the renewal is pending so now the rent of the shops is not being collected by the hospital administration, and now the hospital is in financial crisis. Due to non-availability of the funds the x-ray unit is non-functional, as the hospital is not in the condition to bear the salary of the x-ray technician. Now patients have to go outside for their x-rays. Dr. Zahid, if district government helps us to evacuate the shops for the illegal occupants whom have not paid the rent since last ten years then the x-ray unit can be functionalized and more patients can get benefit from the hospital. Current president of the association, Mr. Amaan Ullah Khan and general secretary Mr. Habib Ullah Khan has forwarded the request to district government but yet the renewal is pending. Naseem Bibi is resident of Kacha Kho and she is getting her treatment from this hospital, she told that she got infected with TB few months back and now she is getting her treatment from this hospital without any cost. She share that this hospital is hope and support for poor people against this vicious disease of TB. As the inflation is growing day by day so now free medical facility like this is a blessing. Forty years old Anwar Masih from Shanti Nagar, told that this hospital is serving the people of Khanewal without any discrimination of religion or sect. he emphasized that the people of Khanewal must come out and start a campaign to highlight the financial problems of this hospital and also for their resolution, so that 58 years old this hospital could continue to serve the humanity. Courtesy: [Mera Khanewal] https://www.facebook.com/merakwl Translation: Asif Shehzad [https://www.facebook.com/asif.shehzad.pak]

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